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‘insiders’ - What Makes Us Different

Craft a New Value Curve for your Talent Acquisition Strategy

We work closely with your in-house teams to bring a strategic shift in the way Talent is engaged & acquired by leveraging the Four Actions framework

New Value Curve

A Strategic Shift

Beyond Conventional Approach

Global business success crucially depends on the kind of leadership that is at the helm of the organization. If that C suite is supported by the top talent at the board and senior levels, the company has a greater chance of achieving its stated Mission, Goals and Vision - a larger market share, making a global mark for itself by outpacing its competitors, building and nurturing brand reputation; and above all, meeting the expectations of diverse stakeholders from investors and governments. However, identifying the best C suite talent available is not an easy task.

In today's globalized business, talent pools are spread across geographies, not necessarily “in country” and hiring potential global talent is time consuming and involves diverting precious company resources towards that end. Is your organization ready to allocate this time and resources? Moreover, as companies expand, diversify and adapt to change; the right kind of leadership profile for your organization may no longer be carved in stone. Today's leadership has to be agile in several aspects.

Your Value Add

Beyond Conventional Tools

We are driven by talent coverage rather than position closure - executing research-based & data driven approaches to talent acquisitions requires a specialized skill that traditional head hunters rarely have; with our range of bespoke solutions, we enable you to do that. At insiders we do the ground-work for your C suite level hiring; in today's VUCA world, the traditional methods of headhunting and recruitment may not enable a company to hire the right kind of leadership talent. Identifying talent that may not be in traditional head hunters’ shortlists, or nurturing talent that is beyond the radar; requires a structured and research-based approach.

  • Talent Preview

    Access to the best pre-hiring talent quality in real time so that you can make informed decisions for your organization's leadership

  • External Succession

    Enable a structured external succession planning at the same time as that of the internal - eliminating the dependability associated with both

  • Direct Contacts

    Access to our growing network of contacts and senior level talent data; so you get to make a final choice from the best

  • Across Sectors

    Identify top leadership talent across a variety of industries; from Banking & Investments to Manufacturing, Family businesses and State-owned Enterprises

  • Data Driven Approach

    Benefit from our research-based services that will give you access to hiring trends and insights that may not be available through the traditional channels of hiring.

  • Internal Partnership

    We work closely with in-house leadership and hiring teams. Our collaborative approach enables you to fill in senior and leadership positions cost-effectively.