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Benchmarking Insights


Salaries & Benefits always play a pivotal role in both attracting and retaining your own Unicorn leadership. As studies suggest, almost 80% of fallout happens because of salary issues. When companies scout for the best leadership talent, it is imperative that they pay market-determined salaries; but how can it be ensured that the salary offered is irrefutable? Paying such salaries requires a comprehensive view of compensation being paid in a competitor organization; as well as understanding prevailing compensation trends.

However, determining the rewards structure for the C suite is not easy. For one, compensation structures are confidential and not easily accessible. Moreover, in a dynamic industrial landscape, working with reliable accurate data is a must for the benchmarking to provide the required outcomes. Paying market-based compensation based on real-time trends in compensation, both within and across industry domains; can help an organization achieve the right results. This helps ensure that at the very commencement of top-level recruitment, salary structures are designed to reflect the true market value for leadership positions that are being filled.

Our salary benchmarking service has consistently delivered results for its diverse client base. Our execution is based on accurate and primary data; so we help you have realistic benchmarks for compensation trends & salary structures, when you decide what to pay your top talent. By leveraging real time data not available publicly, we ensure that your leadership is paid the best compensation. As a result, your business remains unscathed by leadership transition or external factors and can stay at the helm for a long time.


Real-time salary trends and compensation structures

Ensures transparency and fairness in salary & rewards

Creates globally aligned salary & compensation breakup

Real insights to retain-reward existing CXOs

Reduces data generalization approach


Real Insights

We provide data from primary sources which makes your reference point & benchmarking base more credible

High Accuracy

Major data provided is backed up with verified contact details and real reference which makes data more credible & ensures an accuracy of 80%+

Benchmarking Statistics

A comprehensive report presentation which comprises key data summary and averages for a quick reference

Utmost Confidentiality

Direct approach of data gathering with our intelligence survey techniques to keep it simple & secretive

Increased Transparency

Primary source data collection not only adds credibility but makes the statistics comparison fair and transparent


Data Time Lapse: Realistic & real-time approach to data gathering makes your internal salary & reward structure aligned to current trends

Customised Implementation: 100% bespoke research solutions eliminates generalization by reducing dependability on generic industry reports

Strengthened Planning- Makes your manpower planning more reliable and budgeting accurate by reducing dependability on limited source information

Less Guess-Work: Majorly takes away the ambiguity, generalization and guesswork from the ready salary reports with primary data


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