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Executive Search & Selection


When companies look to fill C suite or leadership positions, CXO hiring, they tend to look for talent in-house or attempt to conduct the entire recruitment process on their own. While this may have some advantages, studies indicate that an organization may not have hired the most qualified person for the job. For one, the most qualified candidate may not be available through standard recruitment agencies or may not even have applied for the potential vacancy. The organization must therefore conduct a comprehensive and research-based study of who fits the bill, but this is not easy.

A survey by the Corporate Executive Board suggests that one in five hires in Executive Search doesn’t fit the bill, and companies actually regret the final decision. The key to success in executive search is to thoroughly assess a candidate’s background in the context of the person’s capabilities as well as the companies in which these have been seen. This requires thorough research, which traditional recruitment agencies may not do or don’t have the wherewithal for. Moreover, traditional headhunters may not know the industry in which your organization operates, and so the chances of identifying and hiring the right candidate may not give the right results. In addition, enhancing leadership diversity or looking for rare leadership skills may not be found through traditional approaches. In today’s data-driven world, focused talent research can help make the process of Executive Search successful, especially in locating talent that lies just below the radar and which an organization may not have the resources to conduct.

‘insiders’, CXO Hiring Agency in Mumbai, offers Executive Search services that use real-time research to identify talent that may not be easily found by head-hunters. We will do a top level leadership search that is aligned to/ with your organization’s requirements. As a valued customer, our Executive Search service will give you a structured research report that can be used by your in-house talent acquisition and retention team. Along with our talent mapping service, we reduce the time to effective hiring by almost 60 percent. Our Executive Search service also targets large corporations that want to go beyond the regular candidate list from consultancies.


Broadens talent indentification coverage

Identifies passive CXO candidates

Research-based Search profiling

Drastic reduction in time & cost

360° preview of potential hires


Research Approach

Previews every potential candidate for your leadership hiring – untapped and away from the spotlight of traditional agencies

Real Time

We generate real time and accurate profiles based on thorough mapping based research to make sourcing accurate

Diversified Search

Varied mapping research leads to identifying capable leadership candidates across functions, industries & geography

360° Preview

Mapping research & vetting enables you to have a 360° view of potential hires to make the precise choice

Extended Solution

Mapping-to-Joining: we do it all to eliminate hiring uncertainty- an extension to our Mapping services


Tap the Untapped- Locating the untapped talent pools across sectors & geographies which might be missed by conventional recruitment methods

Realistic Preview- Obtains a thorough understanding of talent pool availability with targeted data points and reduces the ambiguity

Broadened Choices- Drastically eliminates the Risks associated with hiring from limited choices i.e. cherry picking best of best

Reduced Attrition- Accurate & broadened coverage of candidates makes the basis of creating short lists and leads to hiring the most relevant profiles


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