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Organizational Chart Mapping


Why is it essential for organizations to have a well-defined organization chart? How can one know the entire key insights into competitors' critical talents, specifically the Top Decision making talent? How can analyzing competitors' Org. charts provide valuable insights and massively contribute to enhancing an organization's own internal structure, decision-making processes, and business strategy? This is where ‘insiders’, Organisational Chart Mapping service is a complete game changer and a niche skill of our team developed over the last 7+ years of practical exp. that pulls this tough task precisely with an accuracy level as high as 90%+; in-fact even large consulting & Search firms forswear from providing detailed Org. Chart Mapping as a service.

At 'insiders,' our team excels in cracking, creating, and visualising complex and niche organisational structure flows for our valued clients. Our Organizational Chart Mapping services offer a comprehensive, primary research-based approach with 85%+ primary data points. By leveraging our services, clients gain access to genuine insights rather than generic information. We recently helped a leading global conglomerate understand its competitors' organizational structures.

Organizational Structure Mapping services have enhanced organizational efficiency & productivity, contributed to a better understanding of industry best practices, and helped organizations stay competitive and edgy in their respective markets. We optimize information flow, eliminate redundancies, and create a well-maintained competitor's hierarchical representation. With our org chart mapping tool/report, we use statistical graphs to simplify complex data points and visually represent the breakdown of intricate organizational structures in a simpler and more comprehensible manner.


Breaking down complex structures, simplifying them, and presenting them in a comprehensive format for quick in-depth analysis.

Understanding your competitor's top talent composition which helps in Facilitating relevant strategies for business growth and succession.

Competitors Org. chart helps in Identifying Talent Gaps and 360’ preview of complex reporting structure & flow.

Cost Effective and Less time consuming making hiring decision proactive.

Comparing your Org. chart with those of competitors enables you to benchmark your structure against industry standards.


Niche Expertise

Our team of consultants has extensive experience in Org. chart mapping, which means we understand the nuances of execution complexity.

Primary Research

Conduct In-depth primary research for a better understanding of the organizational structures.

Simplified Report

Well-analyzed, detailed, and accurate report that helps in providing and analyzing specifics.


Incorporating all the competitors’ structural changes based on real-time updates in the employees' engagements/ primary data.

Bespoke Report

Name, department, designation, gender, education qualification, and direct contact details.


Realistic Preview - Obtains a thorough understanding of Competitors Org structure from primary data to avoid ambiguities & generics.

Business Succession Planning : Allows an organization to analyze its successful competitors' structure and hierarchy, identify potential gaps in its own structure, and improve its business decisions.

Proactive Decision : Analyzing competitors' org. charts reveals their structure, team setup, and authority distribution, aiding businesses in identifying strengths, weaknesses, and making informed decisions.


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