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Talent Inventory


The benefits of external succession planning include business and leadership continuity. The risks associated with a change at the helm of a company -- when the C suite leaves -- can have implications for investors, customers, and employees. In traditional organizations, it is also likely that the CXO has groomed his No. 2 to step in. However, it pays to identify and hire top external talent from the best talent pools so that the organization can stay aligned with its long-term vision and goals. A structured plan for succession planning enables this while, at the same time, eliminating the risks associated with a sudden leadership transition.

In today’s business landscape, companies are looking strategically at hiring someone from outside the organization. The reasons are many: outside perspective, new blood in the C suite, or simply someone with the right exposure to an evolving industry. Moreover, using real-time data on the talent pools available based on accurate and reliable information benefits an organization.

Our external succession planning service has been built on years of experience and insights into this aspect of leadership hiring. We understand fully the challenges that hiring for leadership succession puts on an organization’s leadership in terms of resources, time, and focus. We make your search for succession planning broad-based, efficient, and cost-effective.

By leveraging our ‘Talent Inventory’ services, an organization can map its C suite talent that can step in to take the baton when a transition is planned. Recruitment metrics are an integral part of our service, and we use them to provide accurate and reliable data on talent pools, which helps organizations make informed decisions about their succession planning. Our specialized service is a project based time bounded contract in which we continuously track potential talent to lead the organization/function/role. Your organization benefits from a real-time view of talent pools across several geographies and industry sectors and can align your search to build a sustainable and insured succession plan. Each project is concluded and summarised in structured and data driven research reports that can be used by your in-house talent acquisition and retention team in the present or future.


Builds an external succession plan

Prevents a leadership transition gap.

Makes Hiring Decision Proactive

Internal/External Perception Management

Reduces Talent Exit response time


Structured Approach

Makes your succession planning more structured with a major intelligence & data of available external talent

Expert Partnership

Our expert researcher works directly with your internal talent acquisition team to ensure a flawless last mile delivery

Direct Access

Names, job titles, employment history, location, education qualification, direct contact details & interest level validation

Strengthened Planning

Makes your succession planning more reliable by reducing the dependability on Internal succession plan

Project Report

A comprehensive and quick access report presentation that can be used by your in-house talent acquisition & retention team


Tap the Untapped- Locating the untapped talent pools across sectors & geographies which might be missed by conventional recruitment methods

Reduces Transition Gap: A realistic understanding of external talent pool makes your hiring decision quick for a seamless business continuity on an exit

Cherry Picking- Drastically eliminates the Risks associated with hiring from limited choices i.e. cherry picking best of best

Proactive Decisions- An instant access to relevant external talent makes your hiring decision proactive and pro-responsive to any critical exit.


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