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‘insiders’ - CEO Retention

Case Study

Empowered a Global Publishing Co. to breakthrough Org. Structure of leading automobile Content Co.’s

  • Industry
    Content Publishing
  • Co. Employee strength (global)
  • Level
    Across Levels
  • Year of Execution
  • Research Type
    Org. Chart & Target Mapping
  • Timeline
    10 Working Days

Client information

Our client is a global Publication & Content lifecycle Co. (top 3 globally) that offers a broad range of solutions for various industries, including publishing, education, healthcare, and corporate sectors. With over 5,000+ employees worldwide, it has a diverse and multicultural workforce of more than 40+ nationalities. The company has a global reach, with offices and operations in over 25+ countries, spanning across Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

“The company was in process of setting up additional large, shared service centre in the region and needed to get precise understanding of the Reporting framework, Org. Structure & Top Talent composition from the target competitors Companies providing Technical Content Services to global Automobiles giant”


Being a super niche domain and team spread across globally the reporting structure of the competitors Co.’s was complex, making it difficult to identify key resources and performance indicators.

Availability of almost ZERO datapoint & benchmarks stats made it too difficult for the company to evaluate the talent landscape & availability for effective manpower planning & decision-making in the region.

Multiple & inconsistent reporting frameworks plus global spread of job-work made it difficult to identify the right target for a planned bulk team hiring.

125 %+
CXOs/HODs Coverage
90% %+
Org. Chart Accuracy (avg.)
85 %+
Primary Data Collection
90 %+
Direct Contact Details

What Did We Do

88%+ of the data was gathered from primary sources such as CXO's/ HOD's, and 12% from secondary sources such as Job Boards, Websites, News, Reports, ex-employees etc.

Based on purposive sampling ‘insiders’ conducted an intelligence survey by interacting/interviewing key decision-making talent in target Co.’s across level & varied team to collect exact data-point & info to avoid skewing

85%+ of the data collected by ‘insiders’ was from primary sources such as CXO’S/ HOD’s interactions, which helped us to identify 150+ leadership talent and frame out the precise Org. Structure of 8 Co.’s and Monetization team structure & flow of 6 Co.’s

Exact reporting framework: direct, indirect, & parallel across Dept., business lines, and functions from L0 level (Head level) to L7/L8 level with Education pedigree, Exp., Age, Team size, Salary, Contact details & Age

Aligned the analysis with the client's business objectives to provide relevant insights and developed a standardized reporting framework that allowed for easy analysis, chart ref. and data statistics

What Did We Achieve

  • Data Provided

    • 03 full Org. Chart with avg. accuracy of 85%+ with Top talent composition of 150+ leadership talent (including 60+ CXOs)
    • Precise mapping & drawing of Organization Structure with exact reporting structure (direct & dotted) of each job band level i.e., L0 level (Head level) to L7/L8 level
    • Individual Name, Department Org. Level, Designation, Experience, Reporting To, Team Size, Contact No., email id, CTC (range) in (INR)
    • Provided department-wise primary data input like: Finance (5%+), Content (27%+), HR (10%+), Operations (14%+) etc. to give a holistic view i.e., varied team to collect exact data-point & info to avoid skewing
  • Benefits To Customer

    • ‘insiders’ enabled its client to give a realistic credible input on talent landscape & availability in a really niche business domain for which almost ZERO datapoint & industry benchmarks stats & insight were available
    • Super realistic credible insight on competitors' talent, team, full Org. Structure which helped with come with precise shortlist of potential hires (across level)
    • ‘insiders’ comprehensive report with statistical summary & detailed Org. Chart helped the client to define a clear structure, hierarchy, team size etc. for better manpower planning & budgeting for the upcoming KPOs
    • Obtained a comparative understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the target competitors, aiding in benchmarking and identifying their-leading practices & high performing team/business line.