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‘insiders’ - CEO Retention

Case Study

Empowered Fortune 500 Co. to breakthrough Top-Talent & Org. Structure of HealthTech. & UNICORN Startup's

  • Industry
    HealthTech, Wellness & Fitness
  • Co. Employee strength (global)
  • Level
    Across Level (majorly leadership)
  • Year of Execution
  • Research Type
    Org. Chart & Target Mapping
  • Timeline
    19 Working Days

Client information

A global conglomerate (Fortune 500) built on a strong foundation of stakeholder value creation, an extraordinary force of over 140,000+ employees representing 100+ nationalities, and spreading in 36+ countries The company has grown into a global powerhouse in a variety of industries; including metals, pulp and fiber, carbon black, chemicals, textiles, telecom, cement, financial services, renewable energy, and fashion retail, after more than seven decades of responsible business practices.

“Our client was entering HealthTech. business and wanted to gain realistic insights from primary sources about the competitor's organization structure, framework, monetization team, and top talent composition of leading UNICORN HealthTech, Wellness & Fitness organizations in India to make informed decisions with respect to their expansion plans (specifically CXO hiring)"


Very limited factual information is available on the Competitor Organization Structure, monetization team, and top talent since massive growth in HealthTech. domain has occurred in the recent 3–4 years.

The leading market share companies had grown 100x in size with capital infusions of USD 5+ billion in the past 1-2 years, and this inorganic growth and multiple pivots made the availability of talent very scarce & demanding, affecting manpower planning & structuring.

High dependency on generic sector reports (big 4), secondary sources (online/offline) and media speculation data points was leading to delayed decision-making and unclarity in developing the right competitive reporting framework, which led to high ambiguity on hiring.

75 %+
Competitors' Coverage
85 %+
Org. Chart Accuracy (avg.)
90 %+
Primary Data Collection
90 %+
Direct Contact Details

What Did We Do

‘insiders’ assessed closely with the core HR & Business team to ascertain the exact need and, based on the same, identified the top 11 market share companies in the HealthTech space with 70%+ market share holdings, which will make the right Sample size for a precise outcome.

Based on purposive & target sampling, ‘insiders’ conducted an intelligence search & survey study to identify the exact reporting structure & team spread, i.e., function, product, business, & geography-wise, to frame & draw the precise Org. Structure (avg. accuracy 85%+).

85%+ of the data collected by ‘insiders’ was from primary sources such as CXO’S/ HOD’s interactions, which helped us to identify 150+ leadership talent and frame out the precise Org. Structure of 8 Co.’s and Monetization team structure & flow of 6 Co.’s

Exact reporting framework: direct, indirect, & parallel across Dept., business lines, and functions from LO level (founder level) to L9/L10 level with Education pedigree, Exp., Age, Team size & Diversity details [implemented end-to-end in 19 working days].

What Did We Achieve

  • Data Provided

    • 08 full Org. Chart & 06 Monetization Team Structure with Top talent composition of 150+ leadership talent (including 60+ CXOs)
    • Org. Chart provided with avg. 85%+ accuracy and Monetization Team Structure with avg. 88%+ accuracy with real-time data
    • Provided top talent composition with 90%+ accuracy with: Name, designation, department, years of experience, job band, education, age, and diversity with
    • Precise Mapping, Drawing and presenting the most complex Org. structure in the most simplified visuals with data analysis and statistical representation
  • Benefits To Customer

    • Super insight on CXO-level talent and taking tough calls, with 1st being replacing the interim CEO with an experienced HealthTech. experienced CEO with the right pedigree & entrepreneurial exp.
    • Our competitive talent analysis helped the client understand the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors in India, empowering them to not over hire manpower & leverage a lean team.
    • Double Gain: Cost & Confidentiality- Understanding the realistic trends, attraction, & challenges of niche Healthtech talent hiring in the target geography at almost 60% less cost & time, plus cherry-picking picked arriving at top shortlists of warm candidates with high confidentiality.
    • ‘insiders’ statistical summary insight, & Org. Chart helped the client to get direct access to selected team lead executives for future business/hire references.
    • Our comprehensive report provided realistic insights, and the primary datapoint empowered the client to make informed decisions on manpower planning, budgeting, and team structuring.