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Emerging Corporates (StartUps)


Startups are the world's most recent business organization structures. A Startup typically conjures images of youngsters in casuals working odd hours and where the founder/ leader may not be much older than an entry-level one; where the leadership is almost invisible to the outside world, and working culture does not play by conventional rules. This is where the right kind of leadership needs to be on board; capable of identifying and nurturing talent, with the right blend of technical as well as entrepreneurial mindsets; in order to create value. It requires a leadership that understands a world where rules are made on the go. Like any other company, a leader's role is demanding but here it doesn't fit pre-conceived ideas. In a typical Start Up, founders may be more focussed on product and business, and may not devote resources to the larger vision; which may require critical funding for scaling up.

In today's changing business landscape many startups are seen as the extension to big players tasked with bringing innovation and out-of-the box thinking. This requires a leadership that understands the demands on capabilities, and can communicate strategy across all levels. Above all, it requires a capability of building teams, and creating new and viable business networks in a VUCA world. Some of the world’s enterprising Startups have disrupted the travel industry, the way we communicate, buy, pay and social behaviour; or even changed the way we dine, eat and interact socially. However, Start Up failures are high and one study suggests that 75 percent of them fail. At all times, therefore, Start Ups have to pursue agile development to deliver value - a leadership aligned to this can make a difference.

The #1 challenge faced by most of the startups is Hiring and predominantly attracting Talent at Executive Level is a much bigger challenge than the routine hiring. Whether you are a Fresh Start up scaling up with Investments or an MNC entering a new country/region; Executive Hiring is always a Chicken & Egg story. Safeguard your business interest by having a real insight of Talent Pool availability even before an Executive Search assignment; through our innovative solutions.

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  • 50%+ Startups spend 60%+ of the standard market value to hire the best talent and retain them as well. Late hours and high attrition are a part of What characterises Start Ups. It is, therefore, imperative that the leadership nurtures and sustains talent resources; so that the organization is on track for long term goals

  • Employer branding plays a critical role in attracting the right talent; specifically for Emerging corporates which are not perceived to be stable workplaces. Quality hires & teams are the keys to assess the funding by potential Investors and venture capitalists. Hence the right kind of leadership is a core need that understands these challenges and manages to provide a comfort to investors

  • Managing diverse cultures, age-groups, demography and diversity is crucial for any Emerging Corporate; which naturally leads to pay disparity as well. Salary structures are not aligned to typical compensation and rewards of most conventional/traditional companies, as talent comes from varied backgrounds. Hence, accurate and credible benchmarking data points are critical to restructure, recognise and reward talent competitively

  • Technological advances have changed the way hiring is done with interactive experiences, high candidate engagement & reachability. StartUps are obsessed with new technologies and driving down costs; hence ignore the ultimate goal of perfect hire i.e. missing the forest for the trees. Hence it has become imperative to strike a right balance.


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