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‘insiders’ - Value Curve

Craft a New Value Curve for your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Value Curve

We work closely with your in-house teams to bring a strategic shift in the way Talent is sourced, engaged & acquired by embedding the Four Actions framework

% based hiring fee is almost history; leverage our multiple recruitment research solutions & deconstructed search approach to reduce per hire cost by almost 60%

Create a competitive talent & cost advantage simultaneously by increased candidate coverage- Unique non-traditional talent pools that too at a drastically reduced Cost & Time

Internetization-Globalization-Convergence-Disruption. Skills that worked a decade ago are not the same that are needed today or a decade from now. Smart, future-ready leaders who understand market dynamics and can think strategically and act decisively are critical to find, attract and retain. The demands & expectations from industry leaders have never been this high; hence we require a partner who understands these issues firsthand. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions to complex talent challenges and bring the power of the maximum talent coverage to every client, every time. Global business success crucially depends on the kind of leadership that is at the helm of the organization. If the C suite is supported by the top talent at the board and senior levels, the company has a greater chance of achieving a larger market share, making a mark for itself by outpacing its competitors, building and nurturing brand reputation; and above all, meeting the expectations of diverse stakeholders from investors and governments. However, identifying the best C suite talent available is not an easy task and usually time consuming; as well as involving diversion of precious company resources towards that end. Is your organization ready to allocate this time and resources? Moreover, as companies expand, diversify and adapt to change, the right kind of leadership profile for your organization may no longer be carved in stone - today’s leadership has to be agile in several aspects.

At ‘insiders’ we work closely with your in-house teams to bring a strategic shift in the way Talent is sourced, engaged & acquired; by embedding the Four Actions framework, inspired by the Blue Ocean Strategy. Going Beyond conventional Hiring approach, we bring a strategic shift in our hiring process and decision making; by executing each mandate with an approach to give a realistic & maximum talent coverage, rather than just looking for closure. We help you create a competitive talent advantage simultaneously by increased candidate coverage & Unique non-traditional talent pools at a much lesser cost & time. Whether you are a Large Corporate or a Fortune 500 Conglomerate; Executive hiring is always a critical, time consuming and a very expensive process. "insiders" is a true alternative to Recruitment Consultants charging a high percentage fee for recruitment. We have a very flexible Research approach at multiple stages of the Executive Hiring process. So, whether your organization tends to hire now or in the future; our innovative product offering not only reduces your Executive Hiring cost by almost 60%, but also keeps you plugged in with the Fresh Talent pool to build your future Management Board.