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Automotive & Mobility


Autonomous vehicles, Electric cars, Connected vehicles and Shared mobility. Today's automotive leadership around the world has begun to gear up their organizations for these game-changing trends. From manufacturing to supply chain management, new technologies to innovations, these mega trends are creating new opportunities that organizations want to tap into; in order to stay in the fast lane. These trends are motivating the top leadership and board to re-design organizational structures including compensation; in order to align them to the demands of a new automotive landscape.

Automotive leadership has to strategize to integrate these trends with traditional manufacturing; while ensuring a minimum of disruption, and create sustainable value for a wide stakeholder base. The industry, therefore, requires leadership that is conversant with new technologies (electric and shared mobility), supplier systems and new regulations that will determine not only competitive strengths but also consumer (drivers and passengers) issues in safety, shared mobility and ownership. One study suggests that new business models being forged could actually expand revenue pools by about 30 percent. To tap into these opportunities requires visionary leadership.

Governments worldwide are influencing policy frameworks for electric and shared mobility. This requires auto leadership to network with government authorities providing insights in areas such as public mobility. The automotive eco-system is in a transformative phase. It needs a new kind of leadership to take the wheel and which can strategize for growth, innovation and long term vision.


  • ‘Diesel Freefall’, RDE (real driving emissions), WLTP (worldwide harmonised light-duty vehicle test procedure) automakers are either moving/changing or are being forced to change to Green vehicles. Surveys suggest that there’s going to be a huge demand-supply gap for the ready talent to bring this change and finding right leadership is going to be scarce

  • Emerging Technology & Trends in mobility have created the need to hire and nurture talent that can deliver results. It requires a C suite leadership that can identify skill gaps and nurture talent for the future. This has made the right leadership become increasingly scarce; hence organizations need data points to determine and build the precise Talent Pipeline.

  • Collaborative Consumption, Subscription based mobility models have created a need for effective organizational structures that can manage new revenue models and offer stakeholders innovative value propositions. Hiring and sourcing such leadership isn’t easy and puts pressure on recruiters making it time-consuming and costly.

  • The C suite/board must be conversant with how technology impacts mobility and end-user experience. In a global sector, such leadership talent may be found across several geographies. Making the right leadership hires equipped with cross-functional perspectives is daunting; as talent availability is becoming increasingly scarce.


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