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Customer experience - Bespoke products - Loyalty programs - No industry vertical brings all these transformational processes to one platform as much as Consumer Goods & and Retail does. Customer preferences are changing constantly and nowadays, even at a single click. The brick and mortar shopping experience faces a host of new challenges as customer profiles and demographics change. Finding the right talent to staff CPGs is considered the toughest among all industry verticals. This is because leadership has to be adept at managing seasonal talent and high employee turnover. Moreover, hiring with the right cultural fit is imperative given changing demographics. Retail is fungible and migrates to other retail-centric businesses – think banking, telecom services and hospitality.

Understanding consumer and its business implications has highlighted the need to hire critical forward-looking leadership talent that not only has the present customer empathy but future needs orientation as well. And, this is what we Do- our talent management service enables you to align leadership to this key imperative. Our recruitment research service takes a structured approach to finding C-Suite leadership talent for the CPG sector; which has to have appropriate cultural fits and understand that employees are on par with customers. Identifying leadership retail talent across geographies is continuous and requires dedicated resources that an organization may not have to spare for this purpose.


  • Talent leadership in manufacturing is fungible and in continuous evolution mode due to rapidly changing customer needs & patterns. Hence CPG requires leadership that can respond to these changing consumer buying patterns and strategize for new purchasing patterns; as well as understand that the catchment areas for CPG/retail are millennial.

  • Retaining retail talent and ensuring no disruption is a major challenge; given that retail talent can be re-trained for other service-oriented businesses irrespective of Level or Skills. Less focus on training & career development can lose crucial talent to competitors; hence retaining talent is tough and traditional tools of recruitment don't suffice for the niche need.

  • Today's CPG is premised on technology which in turn has empowered customers with varied buying patterns across geographies. From the word GO - leadership has to understand dynamic rostering and the need to harness technology for consumer behaviour and talent management and traditional tools of talent hiring don't suffice for these niche needs.

  • Developing global talent bank/inventory is imperative for an industry that has an estimated 60% attrition. Leadership talent pools (predominantly in CPG) are spread across several geographies but scarce; especially in newly emerging market economies. Attracting this widely spread talent requires leveraging specialised research based experts.


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