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Case Study

How 'insiders' assisted a leading NASDAQ listed Recruitment Co. in identifying 2400+ CEOs & CTOs

  • Industry
    Shared services
  • Co. Employee strength (global)
  • Level
  • Year of Execution
  • Research Type
    Talent Mapping
  • Timeline
    45 Working days

Client information

A leading America headquartered staffing &Recruitment Company with global operations and a glorious growth history of 70+ years. The company places employees at all levels across varied sectors; its professional services also include HR & Management consulting outsourcing, career transition, temporary staffing, and vendor management. With presence in 32+ countries and serving nearly all of the Fortune 100 as customers, it has eventually been marked as the best company in the world for talent to work with [NASDAQ listed].

"Client's company was a strategic partner to a leading Europe-based MNC; which was in the process of setting up a Large capacity Shared Services in a South Asia country; known for its excellence in operational excellence and high quality manpower."


Limited knowledge of the existing C suite talent landscape and the hiring challenges in the geography where it planned to begin operations and therefore, needed a dedicated data driven “Talent Research” assistance to get a realistic understanding

Access to accurate profiles of existing C suite talent resources and wanted reliable data to make an informed CXO hiring decision and have a real time assessment of talent availability by covering the entire talent landscape instead of a limited shortlist

Realistic information in terms of teams’ strengths, office space and with utmost confidentiality in its talent search. Justifying to its top-level management that hiring locally available talent was imperative for the CEO & CTO roles instead of moving an overseas resource at a higher salary and benefits

90 %+
Companies Covered
85 %+
Data Accuracy
99 %+
Data Collection
92 %+
Direct Contact Details

What Did We Do

‘insiders’ established a dedicated in-house team to identify target companies and map the prevailing CXO talent in the targeted geography. Provided reliable data on domains of service with reference to back office operations

‘insiders’ identified 1250+ Shared Services companies in the targeted geography with sector/domain categorization and then conducted an intelligence survey & primary study to identify the CEOs, CTOs and their respective team strengths & composition.

85%+ mapping data accuracy with milestone-driven process to identify potential database of talent with reviews conducted at regular intervals to ensure precision and comprehensive coverage

Completed target mapping exercise in 40-45 working days as against 90 days typically required for such an exercise thus saving time and enabling a quick and cost-effective hiring decision for the customer

What Did We Achieve

  • Data Provided

    • 1250+ Shared Services/Global in-house Centers for companies in 20 sector/domain/expertise categorization.
    • 2385+ Direct contact numbers. & 2450+ direct email ids of Country Heads/Unit Heads and CTOs in the identified targeted companies.
    • Name, Designation, Years of Experience, Current location, Educational background and Career Move Preference
    • Career Timeline & Team profiles/structure of preferred candidates
  • Benefits To Customer

    • 'insiders' enabled its client to give a complete understanding of talent availability through a comprehensive report & data summary; with full access to the best available leadership candidates.
    • Cherry picked & arrived at top 20+ shortlists of preferred candidates and also maintained a high confidentiality while running a full fledged search.
    • Direct access to top executives for future business/hire reference with database of direct contact numbers & email ids
    • Understood the realistic trends & challenges of talent hiring in the target geography at almost 60% less cost & time
    • 'insiders' assisted a leading NASDAQ listed Recruitment Hiring Co. in identifying various CEOs, CTOs and CXO Hiring Agency