Recruitment Process Service Provider in Mumbai | Recruitment Metrics | 'insiders'
Recruitment Process Service Provider in Mumbai | Recruitment Metrics | 'insiders'
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Get a Value Leap with increased coverage and reduced TAT & Cost

TAT & Cost

Beyond traditional sourcing tools - leveraged collaborative database search for a enhanced & broader Talent Coverage; at a fractional cost

Drastically reduce your hiring cost & time with our proactive approach by eliminating and reducing dependability on traditional hiring strategy with a ready to access talent pool whenever required

Create a Value Leap by discovering & reaching more relevant talent for an enhanced credible candidate shortlist in less time & cost

Hiring senior and executive level positions is a fundamental part of a company’s growth strategy. Identifying and locating top talent is not easy, a wrong hire leads to a cascade in costs impacting brand and image, and making a corporate vulnerable to the competition. In today’s business landscape, companies are looking strategically at lateral hires. The reasons sighted are multiple: outside perspective, new blood in the C suite; or simply someone with the right exposure to an evolving industry. Companies usually rope in seasoned headhunters or alternatively tend to adopt the do-it-yourself approach i.e. internal referrals, job boards, social media, adverts etc. The major shortfall of these Traditional hiring approaches is that it presents only a limited view of the employment landscape, meaning companies are making vital decisions based on partial information. In fact, a survey suggests that 86 percent of recruiting organisations focussed largely on such “passive” candidates whose profiles are unchecked. Thus there is no guarantee of finding a leadership fit, leave alone being cost-effective hires. So why settle for passive and reactive hiring methods?

If a company is only as good as its people, hiring methods should demonstrate the same level of tact and planning as that of a company’s overall growth strategy. At “insiders” we fully understand the challenges that hiring for leadership succession puts on an organization’s leadership in terms of resources, time and focus. We make your search for succession planning broad-based, efficient and cost-effective. By leveraging collaborative database search, we enhance & broaden your Talent Coverage at a fractional cost. Identifying talent that may not be in conventional headhunters’ shortlists or reaching talent that is beyond the radar requires a structured and research-based multiple tool approach. Benefit from our real time data that gives you access to databases and insights; which may not be available through the traditional channels, thus making your hiring decisions proactive instead of reactive. Our practical project execution experience has shown that time-to-hiring costs are reduced by 50%+ and the catchment area for capable talent search is enhanced by 40%+. Our value proposition gives our varied customers tangible value, and a competitive talent-leading advantage.

We are one of the leading TAT Recruitment Process Service Provider. We also manage recruitment process that includes demand management, sourcing management etc.