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Case Study

Engineering Team Structure & Talent Mapping of World’s leading e-wallet platform

  • Industry
    Internet Technology
  • Co. Employee strength (global)
  • Level
    Across Levels
  • Year of Execution
    2020 (pre-COVID)
  • Research Type
    Target Mapping & Org. Chart
  • Timeline
    20 Working days

Client information

A leading Internet Technology Co. (Top 10 globally) with over 1 billion accumulated users across platforms & product availability in 140+ markets. With offices in 125+ cities and 15 research and development centers around the globe; it has a man-power of over 55,000+ employees. Dedicated to building global platforms of creation and interaction; the Co. operates a range of content platforms that inform, educate, entertain & inspire people across languages, cultures, & geographies. Its core strength and driver of growth has been its Research & Development division, which continuously aims to help users explore and discover the world's creativity, knowledge, and moments that matter in everyday life.

“Company was looking to setup one of the largest R&D centres in India and wanted to understand how global Tech giants have structured their engineering team in the regions, specifically in e-wallet space.”


Limited factual information availability on the existing “Product Engineering Team” talent landscape in the region. The ultra-niche and high confidentiality profile of core engineering team members made it really difficult to get a realistic understanding.

Very limited direct access to precise & top talent within product engineering & service team of the targeted e-wallet Co. across all band levels with details on project experience, Tech. skillset & educational background (specifically Tier I & Rank-holders).

Obtaining a realistic understanding of the Engineering Team Organization chart, Reporting structure, and Job band level across Technical, Product Management, Engineering Management & Product Servicing teams.

100 %+
Job Band Level
95 %+
Org. Chart Accuracy
98 %+
Data Completion
90 %+
Direct Contact Details

What Did We Do

‘insiders’ worked closely with the APAC Talent Acquisition team to ascertain the exact need. Established a dedicated in-house team to conceptualise and strategize an approach to identify, map & draw the exact Organization Chart.

Based on purposive & target sampling, ‘insiders’ conducted an intelligence search & survey study to identify top performing engineering talent in the target e-wallet Co. across levels and their exact team size.

Based on major primary level interactions with the target talent pool, ‘insiders’ identified & re-validated the exact Job band level (100% accuracy) and Organization Chart (95%+ accuracy) across Technical, Product, Engineering & Servicing teams.

90%+ of data provided from primary sources with verified contact details, team size, reporting structure with an avg. data accuracy of 85%+ [implemented end-to-end in 20 working days].

What Did We Achieve

  • Data Provided

    • Exact Job band level (100% accuracy) across Technical team, Product Management, Engineering Management & Product Servicing teams, spread across 2 location splits.
    • Precise mapping & drawing of Organization Structure with exact reporting structure (direct & dotted) of each job band level.
    • Name, Designation, Department/Team, Years of Experience, Current location, Team Size (tentative), Educational background, Mobile No. and email id.
    • Career Timeline & Team profiles/structure of preferred candidates.
  • Benefits To Customer

    • 'insiders' enabled its client to give a realistic and primary insight on the Organization Structure, Reporting, Job band level and Profiling of the Engineering Team in the region.
    • Direct access to selected sample project/team lead executives for future business/hire references, with direct contact numbers & email ids.
    • Understood the realistic trends, attraction & challenges of niche technical talent hiring in the target geography at almost 60% less cost & time.
    • 'insiders' report, statistical summary & Org. Chart helped the client to define a clear team structure, hierarchy, team size etc. for improved collaboration, communication, information flow and responsiveness of teams.
    • 'insiders' is one of the leading Internet Technology Company that mainly focuses on Target Mapping, Organizational Structure & Chart Mapping Tool .