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Clean Energy & Renewables


Manufacturing to Mining, Oil & Gas to Automobiles - the buzzwords across sectors/industries are clean technology, energy efficiency & renewables. The guiding philosophy behind these tech-based advances is the imperative to reduce carbon footprints, and the impact of manufacturing on the earth. An organization does not have to operate in a fossil fuel-based industry to realize that the future will be green. The diminishing supply of fossil fuels and realization of its impact on global warming have given awareness on new ways of looking at energy usage. Hence, it has encouraged Companies across the globe to improve energy efficiency and to use renewable energy sources; majorly solar and wind, to meet the growing demand for environmentally sustainable energy generation. Global executive search firms are seeing an up to 100% in recent YOY increase in mandates for CXO roles in the clean energy space; with significant uptick in leadership hiring for roles in technology and business development, strategy and supply chain management and operations and manufacturing.

Rapid current growth rates are also turning the cleantech sector into a major employer and have also led to a proliferating demand for C-suite leadership talent that can boldly align business goals and vision and strategize for a greener future and take decisive decisions that matter. Transitioning manufacturing to eco-friendly methods of business requires visionary leadership. A recent study suggests that the company leadership is now concerned about having the right organizational design to embed green credentials in the overall business strategy. It requires talent that leads from the front, and understands how to enhance employee experience and restructure for leadership. Energy use and strategy is one of today’s critical objectives; with renewables in focus, but organizations in the domain do not easily find top level talent to handle this on-going transition. Surveys suggest that as good talent becomes increasingly scarce, organizations need data to determine what makes people stay and what is required to lead. Leaders need to be cognizant of this or see competition get ahead.


  • Energy companies and utilities are now more in focus than ever before and they need to hire leadership talent and structures that traditional hiring - from other energy based organizations - cannot provide. Energy organizations require forward-thinking leadership unafraid to discard traditional ways of doing business, and embrace change.

  • People analytics has been identified as a critical gap in nurturing talent for energy and renewables. People analytics is changing the way organizations must structure themselves and so leadership has to grapple with these issues from day one itself. Leadership that can embrace this is the need of the hour - Leaders need to be cognizant of this or see competition get ahead.

  • Energy use and strategy are today's critical objectives with renewables in focus but Green Energy Leadership has become increasingly scarce, organizations need data to determine what makes people stay and what is required to lead. Hiring for these scarce resources has become competitive for which traditional hiring tools/methods are inadequate

  • Re-designing reward structures and aligning them to the new realities of a global CleanTech demand is a daunting task. Companies need to benchmark their salaries against global norms in order to attract and nurture the right talent leadership; which involves leveraging confidential data that is not available publicly; thus requiring experts to execute it.


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