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‘insiders’ - Talent Coverage

We Take your Talent Coverage beyond the Conventional Reach

Talent Coverage

Locate & Identify non-traditional talent pools with intensive industry, company, level based mapping

Leverage multiple niche premium databases, business directories, content, reports and multi-geography job boards

Access real-time talent profiles aligned to your search: data-intense approach to widen talent search

Companies generally seek to fill their recruiting funnel with as many candidates as possible; but this law of averages doesn't work for Leadership hiring. Hence, even for specialised Head-hunters; filling a new executive role can be challenging i.e. max. quality talent coverage within specified time. A recent study suggests that the majority of Executives who took a new job weren’t searching for one but somebody hunted and got them. A leadership role is predominantly filled by Demand rather than Supply i.e. by “passive candidates”, who aren’t looking to move but are made to move. To ensure a successful talent search requires a talent specialist with exposure & familiarity to research-based data, not visible to typical headhunters - a specialist who looks beyond conventional talent sourcing tools.

At "insiders" we have a strong tenet that Recruitment Research is the most innovative and honest tool for identifying and attracting high quality talent to your business. We illuminate your current talent landscape by reaching potential candidates which are beyond conventional recruiters’ reach. Our research-based approach redefines the value curve of your search-based recruitment. One of the critical ways to do this is by empowering our client with a collaborative database leverage of multiple service providers. So, whether your organization tends to hire now or in the future; our innovative product offering keeps you plugged in with the Fresh Talent pool to build your future Management Board.