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Investment Banking & Institutional Equity Recruitment Services


Financial Services (BFSI)


Internetization is changing the global banking and financial services (BFSI) landscape. Financial Services are evolving as a result of advanced communications, new and emerging business opportunities, and digitally-enabled products and services. As global banking evolves and becomes more interconnected, the C suite and leadership have to handle a host of new challenges: transition from legacy banking, compliance, and regulatory issues, as well as putting in place global teams with a range of capabilities. Global financial services are also witnessing tectonic shifts as a result of blockchain, Fintech technologies, Big Data and AI. So while banking and finance remain at their core, today’s C suite has to be adept at integrating these emerging trends. Finding talent that can understand the risks and strategize for the future is not easy.

A recent survey has highlighted the fact that skill set gaps in BFS in developed countries are different from those in emerging markets. While the former see gaps in innovation and compliance, the latter see gaps in IT, compliance, and innovation. Yet, with BFSI teams now global, and diverse, it requires a kind of leadership that can manage this seamlessly across different geographies. BFSI institutions need C Suite to keep abreast of the latest trends in financial instruments and ensure the organization is future-ready by integrating these with existing organizations and processes – including legacy-based issues.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digitised banking, finding the right talent is paramount. We specialize in Institutional Equity Recruitment, assisting large institutional brokers in finding highly skilled individuals to drive growth and success. Additionally, ‘insiders’, provides Investment Banking Recruitment Services, sourcing top talent for positions in the investment banking industry. We understand the shifting dynamics of the business domain, emphasizing diverse and inclusive work cultures, and identifying leaders who can navigate emerging risks and seize new opportunities. Our goal is to shape future-ready teams capable of adapting to changing customer expectations and strategizing for a highly competitive BFS landscape.


  • Successful Financial services need leadership capable of understanding the impact of digitization & Fintech Co. 's in the BFSI sector and must prepare for the risks and opportunities ahead. The ability to hire the right talent is tough as traditional methods of talent hiring are no longer sufficient in a digitized transaction world

  • Identifying the best leadership talent for BFSI is daunting; as it may be distributed across several service-oriented industry verticals. Sourcing & accessing right Senio levels talent requires an acumen and technical business understanding by recruiters to hire the right Talent; which makes the entire Search really niche & tough

  • Global customer experience is changing both at retail and corporate levels i.e. the nature of BFSI transactions is far more diverse and complicated; which requires capable leadership to respond & upgrade. And identifying these niche talents at senior levels requires a plug-in to talent pool data in real time that is not easy to access

  • Digital transformation, Fintech, AI, Unified payment interfaces, block chain & crypto are also changing the way financial business functions and require a leadership that is adept & abreast and ensures the organization is future-ready; by integrating these latest technologies with existing products & processes


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