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‘insiders’ - CEO Retention

Case Study

‘insiders’ assisted a Global publication giant understand competitor Org. Structure & Top Talent composition

  • Industry
    eLearning & Content Publishing
  • Co. Employee strength (global)
  • Level
    Across Level
  • Year of Execution
  • Research Type
    Org. Chart & Target Mapping
  • Timeline
    16 Working Days

Client information

Headquartered in the USA, our client is a major content & publication provider to most of the Fortune 500 companies globally, with a dedicated team of 6,000+ seasoned professionals of more than 50+ nationalities, spread across 20+ countries worldwide. With over 30+ years of experience, they work across industries, geography, lines of service, and specialties to provide customized solutions. The company's services include digital media, e-learning, content production, and publishing innovations.

“The company wanted to seek a comprehensive understanding of 04 target competitors' companies that provide technical content services, including content development, publishing, eLearning, technology, and consulting services in partnership with KPOs. Specifically, they wanted to firsthand understand the Org. Structure, top performing teams, and leadership talent composition of these companies.”


Limited access to valid data points due to niche expertise domain and mix team & business functions spread across different geographical location with complex reporting structure.

Multiple stakeholders, multiple micro organizational structures, reporting framework layers and multiple steps made it difficult to identify key resources and performance indicators.

Inconsistent & varying data quality from different sources posed challenges in ensuring accuracy and reliability, necessitating a reliance on high-quality primary source inputs.

100 %+
Competitors' Coverage
88 %+
Org. Chart Accuracy (avg.)
88 %+
Primary Data Collection
92 %+
Direct Contact Details

What Did We Do

88% of the data was gathered from primary sources such as CXO's/ HOD's, and 12% from secondary sources such as Job Boards, Websites, News, Reports, ex-employees etc.

Based on purposive sampling ‘insiders’ conducted an intelligence survey by interacting/interviewing key decision-making talent in target Co.’s across level & varied team to collect exact data-point & info to avoid any skewing.

‘insiders’, collaborated directly with the company's HR Head to deliver precise outcomes. Established an in-house team to conceptualize and devise a strategy for mapping their organisational structure and identifying top-tier talent.

Ensured the accuracy (avg. 85%+) and reliability of the data collected through rigorous multiple validation and verification processes.

What Did We Achieve

  • Data Provided

    • 04 full Org. Chart with avg. accuracy of 85%+ with Top Talent composition of 100+ leadership talent (including 70+ CXOs).
    • Provided data with 85%+ accuracy on essential details: including individual names, department, organizational level, designation, experience, reporting hierarchy, Candidate location, team size, and compensation range (with bonus splits).
    • Data quality dimensions from various departments to avoid skewing and strengthen the data credibility: Publishing (65%+), Content (38%+), Design (38%+), Operations (87%+), etc., to provide a detailed understanding of the organization's functions.
    • Provided an in-depth analysis with 88%+ accuracy on the organizational structure, reporting framework, and top talent composition of Target 04 Companies to provide a comprehensive understanding.
  • Benefits To Customer

    • ‘insiders’enabled its client to give a realistic credible input on talent landscape & availability in a really niche business domain for which scattered datapoint & secondary industry benchmarks stats & insight were available.
    • Our comprehensive report provided realistic insights, empowering the client to make informed decisions on manpower planning, budgeting, team structuring, and bulk hiring.
    • Meticulous research helped identify the top talent within technical content service providers, enabling clients to gain insights into expertise, experience, and skill sets for potential collaborations or recruitment opportunities.
    • Analysing the company's talent pool, including demographics, skills, & experience, provided valuable insights for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of target competitors, aiding in benchmarking efforts.
    • ‘insiders’research report offered valuable insights into industry trends, emerging technologies, & best practices within the technical content services sector, enabling the client to stay informed, leverage new technologies, & align strategies accordingly