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‘insiders’ - CEO Retention

Case Study

How 'insiders' assisted a leading APAC Fintech Company to retain its existing CEO.

  • Industry
  • Co. Employee strength (global)
  • Level
  • Year of Execution
  • Research Type
    Benchmarking Insights
  • Timeline
    35 Working days

Client information

A leading Fintech company offering transaction and payment processing services across a spectrum of industries in Asia. Its services include processing debit and credit transactions for the telecom, insurance, mutual funds,credit cards, banks, and NBFC sectors. Founded in 2000, the company raised multiple Series Funding and was recently acquired by a European Financial Services multinational [Euronext listed].

"Company Board & Investors had credible inputs indicating that its CEO was on verge of resigning and that internally monetary compensation seemed a major factor for this."


The Company’s Board was clear that it wanted to retain its CEO; since they were on a path of major growth and the CEO’s exit would have given an impression of internal instability to the market and potential investors.

A major compensation revision was a required to not only to STOP the exit but to also make sure that it aligned with realistic market trends to avoid future challenges of a similar nature.

Available salary Reports (Big 4 agencies) highlighted the generic trend based majorly on secondary source data points; since the Fintech sector, comprising predominantly e-payments, was at a nascent growth stage in the region.

60 %+
Competitor Companies Covered
80 %+
Data Accuracy
77 %+
Primary Data Collection
78 %+
Direct Contact Details Provided

What Did We Do

‘insiders’ worked closely with the Company’s CFO and deputed a Board member to ascertain the exact need and implemented the salary and compensation benchmarking study with time bound delivery and review

‘insiders’ conducted an intelligence survey for data gathering i.e. by interacting directly with CEOs about their compensation elements - which established the highest credibility to the data insights [direct contacts’ details shared with client]

Primary source data gathering of all elements of compensation: base salary + variable pay + Stock options (if any) for 60+ e-payment, FinTech, Relevant banks & Technology companies.

77%+ of data provided from primary sources with verified contact details, and data accuracy of 80%+ [implemented end-to-end in 35 working days]

What Did We Achieve

  • Data Provided

    • All elements of compensation: base salary + variable pay + Stock options (if any)
    • Direct Contact details of CXO interactions during the ‘intelligence’ survey
    • Career Movement Graph [timeline of all job stints]
    • Educational backgrounds
    • Statistical summary of data [Range, Mean, Mid-point etc.]
  • Benefits To Customer

    • 'insiders' enabled the client to retain the CEO; thus ensuring business continuity.
    • Enabled the client to offer a compensation structure factually aligned to prevailing trends in the industry vertical in which the company was operating
    • Research-based approach gave a comprehensive benchmark for CEO compensation that enabled the company to offer its incumbent CEO a fair and transparent hike.
    • By retaining its CEO (till date) the company was able to protect its brand credibility, as well as provide a comfort level to all stakeholders.
    • Direct access to the available CXO talent in the competitor’s company.