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Diversity & Inclusion is considered the real footprint of a truly global and fair employer Work Culture. Sometimes this happens due to certain circumstances; but increasingly, as organizations look to tap global opportunities, their senior leadership and board are making a conscious decision to build and nurture diverse teams globally. This means hiring more women, or leaders from different nationalities, or even talent that may be physically disabled. We are providing Diversity Talent Mapping Services.

What makes many companies prioritize diversity is that studies suggest that organizations that do so have above average profitability. Moreover, it creates confidence in the customer base and brings in a variety of perspectives; that can influence strategy and forward planning. Diversity can also enhance employee engagement and contribute to talent retention and the creation of relevant talent pools.

insiders, Diversity Talent Mapping Services has been built on experience and insights; so we practically understand what it means to create diverse teams. We also understand the demands that creating diversity makes on an organization’s leadership - time and focus . Our service makes your organization’s diversity and inclusion mapping search efficient. Creating a diverse employer profile can help enhance your organization’s standing in its verticals.

By leveraging our services, an organization can map diverse talent pools in real-time, and make choices aligned to the goals and vision of the organization. Our specialized service is a monthly or a time bound contract; in which we continuously map and track diverse pools of talent for your organization’s requirements. Your organization benefits from a real-time view of talent available across multiple geographies and industry sectors. Diversity Talent Mapping Service enable you to align your search to the best talent available in your industry vertical; so your organization can build a business based on diverse teams, and enhance its profile and branding. As a valued customer, our service will give you a structured and reliable research report that can be used by your in-house talent acquisition and retention team.


Broadened & Specific Talent Coverage

Business - aligned diversity Talent Pool

Drastic reduction in Opportunity Cost

Embed diversity in Leadership Profiles

Fills diversity gap at opportune level & time


Structured Approach

Diversity identification with data input to give an in-depth understanding of external talent

Collaborative Approach

We partner directly with the clients’ talent acquisition team and ensure a flawless last mile delivery

Direct Access

Names, job titles, employment history, gender, location, education qualification & direct contact details

Real Time

A real-time view of available diversity landscape makes your leadership hiring proactive rather than reactive

Bespoke Report

A comprehensive and accurate report presentation which works seamlessly with our pipelining service


Scarce Talent- Diverse talent pools are scarce, especially when it comes to women CXOs; who may be missed due to limited reach of conventional recruitment

Realistic Preview- Obtains a thorough understanding of talent pool availability with targeted data points and reduces the ambiguity

Varied Choices- Drastically eliminates the risk associated with hiring from limited choices i.e. cherry picking best of best

Proactive Decisions- Makes your headcount balanced & inclusive in advance; with decisions based on realistic market talent data


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